Becoming a visionary and global leader

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I attended my very first Global Leadership Summit in 2016. Little did I know, that it would prepare me to lead our church and community, as we faced a summer of riots and unrest in our church community.

The #1 task for a leader is vision. Leaders receive, communicate, model, guard, impart, reward, correct and fulfill vision. Nothing positive happens without leadership and nothing moves without vision.

Research reveals that people live the first 30-40 years of their lives out of imagination and the side of the brain that generates creative ideas. We easily can see that children live in this realm. We call them dreamers. They love to play games, imagine and create. Then as we grow older, tragically, we start living out of memory. That is when we start dying.

God created us to live out of vision. Joel 2:28 and Acts 2 reminds us that God promised to pour His spirit on all of His sons and daughters. They would prophesy, dream dreams and see visions regardless of their ages.

God has big dreams for each of us and bigger dreams for our churches, organizations and communities. As leaders, we must to live in a realm where we touch the untouchable, see the invisible and believe the impossible. Without vision, we perish. On the other hand, if I can see it, I can do! If I can see it, I can endure it! If I can see it, then I can go through Hell in order to achieve it! But I must see it first.

Leaders are responsible for catching and then communicating the vision. The prophet Habakkuk was told to wait for the vision and then write the vision down, so that the readers could plainly see it and then run with it. Therefore, leaders are required to make the vision, PLAIN, PORTABLE and PRACTICAL. If we can accomplish this, then those we lead will be able to understand and accomplish greater things for God and the public good.

If leaders will keep their ears to the heartbeat of God and their hands on the pulse of His Bride, we will receive vision and possess the patience to accomplish it through God’s church.

The final, warning is that leaders must overcome three primary enemies to their vision being fulfilled. These three enemies are: Insecurity, Issue and Idols.

* Follow me again next week and I will share more on these enemies to visionary leadership.

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