WHOLE Church

On a recent international missions trip to a country closed to the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Lord corrected me with this revelation… “When the “White church” is healed of her INDIFFERENCE to the “Black church” and her issues; and when the “Black church” is healed of her IGNORANCE to global missions, then the entire world will be reached with … Read More

WOKE Church

Don’t you grieve daily from the stories of the plight, poverty, and pain of people in America’s inner cities? These communities are in critical times. The problems did not just happen overnight. They are a result of many factors over many decades. The #1 reason is roots of racial sin and neglect. This sin of the Big “C” Church must … Read More

Won’t You Be My Neighbor

Fred Rogers produced and starred in Mister Rogers Neighborhood on public television for 33 years. He was noted for being a kind and friendly neighbor. Rodgers was an ordained Presbyterian minister and used the television show to advocate and address various social issues, including divorce, political assassinations, children with disabilities and racism. This month marks the beginning of Black History … Read More

Christians United

If a football team is unified, it does not mean that everyone is playing the same position. It does , however, mean that everybody is going to the same goal line. If an orchestra is harmonious, it’s not because they are all playing the same instrument; it’s because they are all playing the same song. If a choir is singing … Read More

An Altered (Altar) Life

In Leviticus 6:13, God commanded Moses and Aaron, the high priest, “The fire must be kept burning on the altar continuously; it must not go out.”  God wants there to always be a pleasing sacrifice in His presence.  In order for this to happen, there must be a sacrifice and we must have the fire of God. The word “alter” … Read More

A Church on Every Corner

Have you ever heard the statement, “there is a church on every corner”?  I have. And I have also observed in the spaces where this is true, that these are economically impoverished neighborhoods. I believe that when we have more business on the block than churches we will begin to see community transformation, especially when the businesses there are operated … Read More

A Movement of Hope

The zip code you live in or the place where you were born could determine the outcomes in your life. 53206 is the Zip Code that I grew up in. 53206 has the highest rate of incarceration for African American men in America (up to 62%). It is a community in Milwaukee, WI; and Milwaukee is the headquarters for the … Read More