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Bishop Harvey is working on two new books, one on the topic of succession planning and one on the topic of racial reconciliation. Check back for future updates regarding these new books.

Who Touched Me? Healing the Wounds of Sexual Brokenness

The unnamed woman who had an issue of blood for 12 years is one of Bishop Walter Harvey’s biblical heroes because she illustrates that, in spite of physical or sexual brokenness, Jesus ’touch can make us whole. That woman inspired this book because so many people have been left broken and desperate in their lives. Some simply wanted an affirming hug or a touch that communicated self-worth and value, but instead, they turned to sex. Many still carry the fingerprints of that action on their soul today.


This book is for parents, married couples, single young adults, and pastors. Originally published in 2007, it is still incredibly relevant today and can spark important conversation about sexual brokenness and sexual purity.

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