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Bishop Walter Harvey speaks internationally to groups of all sizes, from small church-based retreats to large international conferences. His life experience coming from a community of poverty combined with his decades of work in ministry and economic development enable him to deliver a powerful message of hope and transformation. He speaks with a humorous, practical, and powerful style that’s focused on actions people can take to improve their own lives and the strength of their community.



Succession Planning for Churches & Nonprofits

Key audiences: Churches and nonprofits

Every day in communities across the country, churches and nonprofits are making an impact and transforming lives. But what happens when the current leaders are called to new opportunities or experience burnout from the challenging work they’ve been doing? The key to organizational stability is succession planning. Bishop Harvey speaks to the skills and action steps necessary to strategically plan for leadership transitions.

Racial Justice & Reconciliation

Racial Justice & Reconciliation

Key audiences: Community organizations, churches, nonprofits, businesses, local governments, law enforcement

We are all God’s children, but many times we as human beings allow our differences to create division. Racism is a long-standing concern and one that we must recognize and reconcile in order to move forward. During the Milwaukee riots in 2016, Bishop Harvey took a central role in bringing the community together for positive change, and he works closely with churches in under-resourced cities across the country. He speaks to the ways that churches, communities, and civic organizations can come together to understand the past and move forward together.


From Vision to Reality

Key audiences: Business leaders, community groups, community organizers, churches, and nonprofits

A visionary leader can only go so far without the skills to turn that vision into reality. How do you take an idea or calling from God and manifest it on earth? What are the seasons and stages of that vision before it becomes reality? Bishop Walter Harvey uses real-life examples to walk through the 12 seasons of vision and offers practical takeaways for turning visions into realit


Community Economic Development

Key audiences: City councils, community organizations, nonprofits, and churches

Economic development is a critical component for community transformation. In areas of high poverty and unemployment, economic development is the key that unlocks many doors. Bishop Walter Harvey speaks to the transformation he has seen through community development in Milwaukee and equips church and community leaders with actionable insights on how they can lead their own community to transformation.


Relationships & Sexual Brokenness

Key audiences: Churches, family-focused nonprofits, faith-based small groups, couple’s retreats

The Bible gives us many examples of Jesus ’forgiveness and healing. The unnamed woman who bled for 12 years shows us that Jesus ’touch can make us whole. Decisions made years or decades ago can leave fingerprints on our soul that impact how we see ourselves and how we relate to others. Whatever physical or sexual brokenness may be in the past, Jesus can heal us and make our relationships whole.


Teaching and Preaching

Key audiences: Churches, faith-based organizations, men’s groups, and retreats

In his 35 years of ministry experience, Bishop Walter Harvey has been an invited guest speaker at many churches, organizations, and retreats. He loves to teach and preach, whether it’s expository preaching, illustrative sermons, or sitting down with a small group to work through a key issue. His teaching can be customized to any Biblical passage or theme to fit the needs of your group.

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