A Passing of the Baton

I am honored to have been appointed as the new President of the Assemblies of God National Black Fellowship. Effective, October 1, 2018, I will succeed Pastor Michael Nelson, who is not only a dear friend but has championed this organization forward in so many ways over the past 30 years. I thank God for his example and humbly accept the baton.

This new role will require me to lead the NBF Executive Officers, Regional Directors,  State Representatives and the nearly 400 Black churches in our A/G fellowship in fulfillment of our strategic initiatives of developing African American leaders, planting and revitalizing churches, championing biblical justice and restoring families.  This does not mean that I am leaving my role as your Senior Leader but I will have additional leadership in my current portfolio.  I am most honored to be called the Sr. Pastor of Parklawn Assembly of God. This privilege and the people of our church and community  remains my first priority.

Lady Judy and I covet your prayers, support and involvement in the near future and the years to come as we position the NBF as a “Movement of Hope” across urban America.

Bishop Walter Harvey

Please see below, a message from Michael Nelson.

I need to share my heart about what the Lord wants to do with me, as well as The National Black Fellowship of The Assemblies of God. I have always tried to be transparent with people. I have been a part of The Inner-City Workers Conference/The National Black Fellowship, from its very inception in 1980, as a teenager, member, Regional State Representative, Regional Secretary, Regional Vice-Director and Director, The National Executive Secretary, Vice President, and then the President for the past six years. As you see, I have most definitely made an investment in The National Black Fellowship for the past 38 years, and have loved and carried this fellowship close to my heart.

When I became President, one of the first things that the Holy Spirit spoke to me was BRING THE FAMILY TOGETHER. For me, that meant making people feel needed and important. A love and oneness in leadership, bringing creditability to this fellowship in the eyes of others: Diversity – by making sure that people of color have a place at the table in The Assemblies of God; Networking; Fellowshipping; Empowering the next generation; Putting a vision together that is in God’s heart that will bring a movement of hope to Urban America and to the world through Evangelism, Discipleship, Church Revitalization, Church Planting, etc. The mechanisms are in place, which was my assignment. Now it’s time to pass the baton to a great leader in Bishop Walter Harvey, who I love and appreciate very dearly. God’s hand is upon him, the other Executive Leadership team, Regional Directors, 40 and under Rep, etc., to carry The National Black Fellowship to the next level.

THIS IS NOT EASY FOR ME, but I know that it is the will of God for me and this Fellowship. I have always tried to do the will of God for my life, and do what is best for the Kingdom of God and not for personal gain. Every leader who is led by the Holy Spirit of God should know their limits, and submit to the will of God for their calling. I look at my life as the first 12 chapters of Acts of the Apostle, where Peter was the main character, then Paul came on the scene. Now, another leader must come on the scene and take it from here. Therefore, the assignment that God has given me is up as the NBF President. However, I will still be an active member, helping when and where I can. This change will be effective, October 1, 2018. I have enjoyed the journey tremendously!

The best days for The National Black Fellowship are still to come.

Michael Nelson
NBF President

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