Tradition is “the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation.”  They can be fun and good things; especially when enjoyed around holidays and special events. But when tradition becomes doctrine believed to have divine authority over the scripture even though it is not in the scriptures… Houston, we have a problem!!! Every church has traditions. They are not … Read More

I Am Not a Robot

Lately, I have noticed the numerous websites that offer a greater sense of security from hacking and privacy breaches by asking you to verify your identity in order to access the website. The techniques these websites use is to display a picture of scenery, such as a traffic background and then ask you to select the squares that have a … Read More

Fan or Friend?

A popular gospel songs proclaims, “I Am a Friend of God”. I hope that you are His friend too. The alternative of being a friend of God is being an enemy. Yet, there is a relationship in between these two. It is being a Fan of God. Are you a Fan or a Friend? Friends stick with you through thick … Read More

The Big Eraser

What do you say when you make a really big mistake?  “Opps”… “My bad”… “I blew it”…and some might even dare to say a few choice curse words. I’ve got a better solution. School is starting any day now and many students will fill their backpacks with school supplies. The ‘Big Eraser” should be a must-have tool at your desk. … Read More

The Faith Community is Not Immune to Sexual Violence

Since The New York Times first released an investigation of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein in October, it seems that every day is plagued with new accusations of sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry, politics, and even the faith community. As a pastor, I know all too well that the church is not immune to sexual violence. Our pulpits and pews … Read More

The Royal Treatment

What does it feel like to receive “the royal treatment”? At Parklawn Assembly of God, it is our common goal to treat every member and visitor like Kings and Queens. Hospitality and creating a welcoming environment is a priority and passion of mine. When I first became a Christ follower, it was the welcome (among other things) that caused me … Read More

Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

That is the cry from the background; from those who are coming next. The next generation of emerging leaders are following close behind. Their cry is not a cry of rebellion but one of leadership. Millennials want to take over. They believe that they can.  True leaders always want to improve a process, an organization, and a people. It is … Read More

Don’t Wait to Exhale

In the movie, “Waiting to Exhale”, four African American single female friends are each “holding their breath” until the day they find love and the perfect man. My encouragement to you today is go ahead and breathe. Don’t wait to exhale. While you are waiting, life and love are passing you by. Now, I recognize that some women (and men) … Read More

A Hand Up

I think that I have great compassion for people, but I don’t believe in carrying the able-bodied. If you are able, then stand up and begin handling your responsibilities.  Dependence can empower a lazy lifestyle and reinforce a mindset of poverty. We all have encounter the beggars on the street holding signs saying, “I need help.” What do you do … Read More

Avoiding the Sharks

All the single ladies. All the single ladies. All the single ladies. All the single ladies. Now, Put your hands up, up…. No, not to dance, but to listen. There are a lot of fish in the ocean. Let me help you to avoid the sharks. SHARKS AND DOLPHINS Sharks and dolphins look almost alike while swimming just beneath the … Read More