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On a recent international missions trip to a country closed to the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Lord corrected me with this revelation… “When the “White church” is healed of her INDIFFERENCE to the “Black church” and her issues; and when the “Black church” is healed of her IGNORANCE to global missions, then the entire world will be reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

I had to repent of being ignorant of my personal call and responsibility to go, send and sow missionaly into every nation, tribe and language hearing the good news that Jesus is the Savior.  

As a Black Pastor, there is a great temptation to see yourself, your church congregation, and community issues as the main mission field and therefore, prioritize vision and resources towards local programs and projects.

In the same spirit of revelation, I want to challenge the White sector of the Church to open it eyes to the fact that we, The “Whole Church” (Black, White, and every other color that makes us God’s diverse heavenly family) have consistently flown to international places to dig wells, build churches, preach the gospel, etc. This is good and Godly but at the same time, we have flown right over communities in the USA that are also in darkness and plight spiritually, economically and socially. Here is the caution. That missiology can be a sign of indifference.  

Statistically, my own Tribe, the Assemblies of God, has less than 1% Black missionaries. In essence, we have tried to fulfill the Great Commission with only part of the family of God activated, invited, and affirmed to the task. That is like trying to win a basketball game with 3 players against 5 players. It is like entering a heavyweight boxing match with one hand tied behind your back. As a result, we have reaped what we have sown.  

The fruit is seen in the souls saved and churches committed to the AG Tribe. There is a 27:1 ratio Internationally compared to USA. For example, there are currently approximately 350,000 churches in global world AG fellowships compared to 13,000 in the USA. In addition, we have a 21:1 ratio of people in the AG. Internationally, we have approximately 63 million adherents in the global world AG and 3 million people in the USA. Statistics follow that financial investments made internationally are multiples higher than investments in inner city and rural communities. 

What’s my point? It is simply this. “Wherever you treasure is there will your heart be also.”

Therefore I conclude, “When the “White church” is healed of it’s INDIFFERENCE to the “Black church” and it’s issues; and when the “Black church” is healed of its IGNORANCE to global missions, then the entire world will be reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

The Great Commission can only be fulfilled by the WHOLE CHURCH.

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