Be Still and Chill

Lately, I have been talking about going through the storms of life.  Storms are common to all of us. We are either in the midst of a storm right now, or we just came through one – or we are heading into one soon. So here is some common advice for storm survival: Stay on the ship (refuse to quit) … Read More

Stay on the Ship!

Have you ever started your day or started pursuing a dream and at the beginning, everything was smooth sailing?  Then, out of nowhere, a storm came and threatened to ruin your day, sink your dreams, or wreck your life!!!  If you have, then I have some advice for you… STAY ON THE SHIP! My first word of advice is “STAY … Read More

Relax – This is Only a Test!

During my college years, I was a master of midnight cramming, studying all night for an early morning test. If you feel like your life is hard right now – relax, this is only a test! A test is an examination, or investigation to determine the essential qualities of an object or person; especially its integrity. Tests Have a Purpose … Read More


Today, a young gunman opened fire at a South Florida high school, killing multiple people and wounding many others. Today is also Ash Wednesday, a Christian day for peace and the first day of Lent. Lent is a call for repentance that leads up to Easter (Resurrection Sunday). Many Christians of various denominations participate in this call to peace and … Read More

The Year of the Surge

The Year of the Surge Graphic

It is common at the beginning of each year for pastors to cast an annual vision and focus for their churches. In January 2016, I declared “The Year of the Surge”. A surge is a sudden increase in power or movement, a wavelike force. I believe that was a prophetic picture of what God would do in our church and … Read More

Becoming a visionary and global leader

graphic leadership

I attended my very first Global Leadership Summit in 2016. Little did I know, that it would prepare me to lead our church and community, as we faced a summer of riots and unrest in our church community. The #1 task for a leader is vision. Leaders receive, communicate, model, guard, impart, reward, correct and fulfill vision. Nothing positive happens … Read More

Neon Temptation

Graphic Neon Temptation

The weather has been unseasonably warm across the USA this winter. Just this week, over 500 cities had record breaking high temperatures. With rising temperatures also comes a decrease in clothing, revealing more skin, flesh and temptation. As a male, I can testify that being married, saved and satisfied does not cause a decrease in sexual arousal. Men suffer from … Read More

Milwaukee Uprising

Graphic Milwaukee Uprising

On August 13, 2016, Sylville Smith, a 23 year old African American male, was shot and killed by a City of Milwaukee police officer. This event occurred three blocks from our church campus. His death sparked an evening of riots and a summer of unrest. That horrific evening was also the onset of a new beginning for collaborative ministry to … Read More

A Balm in Sherman Park

A large Assemblies of God church is taking the initiative to facilitate community dialogue in the wake of unrest in the Sherman Park section of north Milwaukee. The fatal shooting of a black man by a police officer Saturday and subsequent burning of a trio of neighborhood businesses all occurred within three blocks of Parklawn Assembly of God, pastored by … Read More

Work is Worship

John P. Coltrane was considered by many to be the best sax player ever. Describes an encounter with God he had in 1957 while playing “A Love Supreme”. He said “I experienced by the grace of God, a spiritual awakening which was to lead me to a richer, fuller, more productive life. At that time, in gratitude, I humbly asked … Read More