Building a Winning Team

Setting up and sustaining business partnership can be the most difficult part of entrepreneurship. Most business partnership are rarely successful. There have been some awesome teams assembled such as the Olympic Gold winning Dream Team, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak of Apple and the Navy’s elite SEAL team Six. The most effective team ever assembled was built by Jesus when … Read More

A New Year and a New You

Everything that you and I experienced in 2014 was the result of the decisions we made in this year or in years before. Life is choice driven! So, if we can somehow manage to make better decisions in 2015, we can also create a more successful life. If you want a better New Year in 2015, you need to become … Read More

The Meaning of Christmas is “Peace”

From His advent to His ascension Jesus offers the blessing of Peace. The angels appeared to the shepherds, announcing the birth of the Messiah – “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men!” (Luke 2:14) After His crucifixion and resurrection Christ appeared to His disciples with a greeting – “Peace be with you!” (John 20:19, … Read More

Pray for Your Pastor (don’t prey on them)

Take some time right now and pray for your pastor. Thank God for your pastor and their spouse and children. After you pray determine to be a tangible blessing to them. And finally submit to their leadership because they watch over you soul.

2011 World Outreach Ministry Foundation

Pastor Harvey Preaching in Uganda

In May 2010 Walter Harvey was elected as a Presbyter to represent Ethnic/Language Groups and was also elected to serve the WNMD District Network as an Executive Presbyter (Executive Board member). In December 2010, Pastor Harvey hosted “Hallelujah for the Holiday” community gospel Christmas concert in partnership with V100 WKKV. This event featured some of Milwaukee’s best and brightest singers, … Read More

2012 Pastor Harvey Elected

In July 2012, Pastor Harvey was elected to serve the Assemblies of God general council as the Vice President of the National Black Fellowship and as a General Presbyter (General Board member). Pastor Harvey was elected to serve as an Honorary Board member for LISC. Pastor Harvey is an experienced non-profit community development leader. In 2012, he pioneered the PRISM … Read More

2014 Pastor Harvey Becomes Bishop

Graphic Pastor to Bishop

In a spiritual and emotional service help at Parklawn Assembly in March 2014, Bishop Darnell Williams on New Life International Church read a resolution from the Apostle Jason E. Owen, Chief Apostle/International Presiding Bishop of the Biblical Deliverance Ministries, Inc. The resolution was affirming the call upon Pastor Walter Harvey to be elevated to the episcopal office as an apostle … Read More

2014 Bishop Walter Harvey Contributing Writer for Men’s Health magazine

FELLAS is a magazine focused on men’s health and lifestyle is published by Matthew Johnson. Bishop Harvey is a contributing writer focusing on spiritual issues and fatherhood. To check out FELLAS Magazine click here: Mark These Upcoming Dates: Bishop Harvey will lead the Men of Parklawn Assembly of God in Man Up Sunday, Father’s Day, June 15th (8:00am and … Read More

2014 Highlights from the Holy Land Tour

Pastor Walter and Lady Judy Harvey Lead a Team of 32 on Holy Land Pilgrimage. On January 6, 2014 a team of 32 people from Parklawn Assembly of God boarded an international flight for Israel. When they landed they embarked upon a journey that literally traced the footsteps of Jesus Christ. Their tour began in Bethlehem at Herodian, the Shepherd’s … Read More