Don’t Wait to Exhale

In the movie, “Waiting to Exhale”, four African American single female friends are each “holding their breath” until the day they find love and the perfect man.

My encouragement to you today is go ahead and breathe. Don’t wait to exhale. While you are waiting, life and love are passing you by.

Now, I recognize that some women (and men) don’t have the God given gift of celibacy nor the discipline to be single without sinning sexually.  The reality is, most singles are sexually active in some form. (Sadly, most married folks are not…that’s another sermon…)

You probably already know, I’m a Christian and a pastor; I believe the Bible, and the Bible clearly states sex out of wedlock is a sin and strongly speaks against it. To put it plainly, the only time sex is right is when it’s between two married people.

Please know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being single and still seeking.

But there is a lot of life and love in being single and satisfied.

So, start inhaling a new life; pursuing your education, making money, advancing in your career, loving your children, caring for your parents, and even allowing God to work on you in this season.

Just breathe!!!  After all, you can do bad, all by yourself.

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