Avoiding the Sharks

All the single ladies. All the single ladies. All the single ladies. All the single ladies. Now, Put your hands up, up….

No, not to dance, but to listen.

There are a lot of fish in the ocean. Let me help you to avoid the sharks.


Sharks and dolphins look almost alike while swimming just beneath the ocean surface, but they are vastly different. They have different shaped fins, on is a fish, one is a mammal. Dolphins are like humans; they have lungs and must come up to the surface for air in order to breath.

Ladies, if you are playing the dating game, the likelihood of you swimming with the sharks and getting hurt is high.  Especially because women are general givers and love with open arms, open hearts, open wallets and yes, even open legs.

Some will even give the shark a house key and move the shark right on in – right next to your children.


To avoid the sharks, you need to do several things:

  • Don’t settle for less. Know who you are and what you want, deserve and expect.
  • Make sure you are attracted to more than their physical appearance.
  • Are you compatible? Spiritually are you on the same page? Can he hold a conversation? Do you even like him?
  • Talk about tough issues (ask him to reveal his history, his financial situation, and his plans for marriage).

This little advice just might save you from a shark bite.

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