An Altered (Altar) Life

In Leviticus 6:13, God commanded Moses and Aaron, the high priest, “The fire must be kept burning on the altar continuously; it must not go out.”  God wants there to always be a pleasing sacrifice in His presence.  In order for this to happen, there must be a sacrifice and we must have the fire of God.

The word “alter” is a verb and means to change or modify.  When we encounter God, He alters our lives for the better.  Once we encounter Him this way, He invites us to live “an Altared life”.  In other words, to live a life that is in a constant state of sacrifice and worship to God. The word “altar” is a noun and means a structure used for sacrifices.

In my religious tradition, the word “altar” is also a place inside the church or any place you designate to be a place of prayer and worship.  It can be in your car, home, or office. It is a place to meet with God. It is a place to bring your most valuable possessions, expressions, and people in your heart, surrendering ownership of them with God as an offering.

The altar is also a place of transformation. Here, our fears become faith, our temptations become triumphs, our failures become future opportunities, and our stumbling blocks become stepping stones.  Here at the altar, I am freed from the things that used to hold me back.

God promises to meet us at the altar. If you need a fresh start in life or have never met Jesus Christ in a personal way as Lord and Savior, then come to the altar and your sins will be washed away.

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